Trademark of Quality (Demos Deluxe)

by Love as Laughter



In 2006 Sam wanted to start putting together a new Love As Laughter record, and for touring sake have some recorded material.This EP (almost an album's worth) was formed from demos to have some representation of the new stuff at the time. A lot of it would end of on the album HOLY from 2008. We're proud that's it's available, and even PROUDER of it's lasting quality for ourselves, our friends, and fans.


released June 1, 2007

Tracks 1 & 6 Recorded by Sam Jayne. Tracks 2,3,4,6,7 by Ben Vehorn(Laughter's Fifth). 8 by Show Guy in Kalamazoo MI 2006. Art by J Penry


Sam Jayne
Zeke Howard
Nic Gonzales
Miguel Mendez
Andy Herod
Brandon Angle
Andy Magic
Toko Yasuda
John Smirzel
Ben Vehorn


all rights reserved



Love as Laughter Brooklyn, New York

The continuing rock and roll adventures of Sam Jayne and his awesome talented friends. 20 years of noise and rock and punk and pop and... mandolins. Be liking us on the Facebook and Twitter and Instagram for all the real.

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Track Name: Coconut Flakes (Demos Deluxe)
Grab some grapes and leaves man you can never tell when you'll have to change your face and hide your trophies well / coming down the mountain going to your home the village has evacuated now you gotta roam / your feet could start to moan and your eyes don't see too clear the darkest dreams could come and shake your faith to steer / remember the sun all from memory close your eyes and run circles round it's enemies / remember the sun before you awake remember all the reasons and bake it into your cake / Then we're gonna come over bring the coconut flakes we're gonna get stoned with you laugh at your mistakes / I know it's been hard to take and I know you wanna run just try to stay in one place and have a little fun / I know it's been hard to take and I know you wanna run just try to stay in one place and dance before it's done / dada
Track Name: Wedding Song (Demos Deluxe)
Foreign legions all the cost to send for me now to tend to you now / I holed up from the shots so send for me now to tend to you now / I can hear you breathing I want your breath I wanna travel far / If I see you leaving I wanna leave too I'll help you pack the car / Because I know all the carriages approaching will melt under your star / Inna Gadda Da Vida send for me now to tend to you now / I will never call your bluff I'll send for you now to tend to me now / I can see you floating don't ever come down I love your shadow / I'll store your paintings in all my blankets i'll never let them go / because the colors burn so bright they could melt all of the stuff / Carry you up on my back send for me now to tend to you now / to the million dollar bash I'll send for you now to tend to me now / and in this instant I will vow to never let your beauty out my sight
Track Name: Dreams (Demos Deluxe)
I was afloat for awhile, on Albert Ayler’s ship,
How the notes they dipped,
into the bebop sea,
til they got to me,
In my dreams I could go,
to all the shows I missed,
the ones where we kissed,
and rolled on the floor,
let’s do it some more

There you are,
Stand-in like a shiva from afar,
Hands couldn’t show you who you are,
call right out,
showed up like it’s moded for the bout,
revvin’ up, there’s a revenue that you’ve been stickin’ out,

Mamacita ahhhhhh

hands free, loaded like a star

Sure enough, the platform keeps on changing all your turf,
Call for your Manatees to hurt ,
Show me up,
I’ll try to follow every single word
Blowing up,
This explosion can’t be heard

Mamacita haaaaaaaaaaa

is it Damsel or Demon? Cross My Heart

I think It was some cat who said
It’s the Space Bees between notes
what a beautiful joke
i kinda like it the most,
john cage’s ghost

In My dreams i could go
to any place or show,
ah it’s all fine
I’ll keep it with mine,
These Dreams
Track Name: Lion's Share Smile (Demos Deluxe)
I fall into the sea,
Chamomile Call me better
See what you mean to mean to me
Chamomile call me better

It’s a language that I used to know,
I’m surprised we are so utensil
It’s a combination of the high

Phone on the whole book switch
Kinda mean home letter

Ah it’s a magazine I could see
Call me better

I could let our languishing awhile
We could let our Lion’s Share all Smile
We could make our maker get me high
Track Name: All Parts of Me (Demos Deluxe)
Top of the Holly Jolly
My Holy Collar is falling Off
Holdin our missed equations of long invasions of many parts

All Part Of Me
I Love You in That Leotard
All Parts Of Me
All Lined Up In the Color Bar

Call off my intuition my inhibition is Corn Dry
come and lay down with monsters like I have and see why

All Parts of me
are falling for you and here’s why
All Parts of Me
Wanna share that shelf life
All parts of me
are falling for you and here’s why
All Parts of me
wanna share their shelf life
Track Name: Lace Your Bagel (Demos Deluxe)
I sailed from midtown
To give a smurf a crown

I bet you a cow
Says a gorilla to a sisters ya heard

Hold down your fleece hold down
Lets save that tone from 9 to 5

I laced your bagel
I put dollars in your bed
Id like to meet yo mama but thats all I said you said

I sold my state of mind

I sold my legs all time
I sold my legs all time

I like to meet your mama

All those soapbox conversations

I beg to differ
What the toll booth guy once said
I never see you come over
I scold myself so bad

All the fallout aint that bad
I sold my banging drum

I sold my tale
One out of Five
Track Name: Battlezone (Demos Deluxe)

by Love As Laughter

I see that I wanna be good and then I mess around
Bad Boys be Bad you see but you never seen this clown go
bad seed bad scene a battle zone bad seed a bad scene a battle zone
Ah, what did you think? It’s Darwin’s mess! Well, It’s a bad disease that you will probably get
Bad seed Bad scene battlezone Bad seed bad scene battle zone
Track Name: In Amber(live) (Demos Deluxe)
I was in amber
Did you see me when I melted down
Did you like me when I stuck to the ground
Will you love me when I get out

I was concreted
Did you see my head stick out the ground
Did you like me as a statue
Will you love me when I get out

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